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A simple THREE.js based gcode renderer to display gcode fieles as 3D objects.
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Liquid : Gcode renderer

Liquid is a simple gcode renderer based on THREE.js using WebGL to render a 3D model of a given GCODE file. It has been built for displaying the gcode the Cura slicer for the Ultimaker 2 produces but it can be modified with custom printer / gcode values and methods.


Eventually, Liquid should display a camera view of the current print as well as the respective g-code overlay. However, it currently is in a 'first-try' stadium. The performance for bigger gcodes (> 40'000 lines) is pretty bad in this first attempt of rendering.


left mouse Rotate camera
right mouse Drag camera r Reset camera
q Minimum Layer +1
a Minimum Layer -1
w Maximum Layer +1
s Maximum Layer -1
e Reset Layer

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