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Nested Scroll

Javascript library that implements scrollIntoViewport() for elements within nested scrollable divs.

You can define if the element should be aligned to the upper, lower, left or right boundary, or let Nested Scroll automatically decide depending on the shortest path.

Additionally, it is possible to define some animation methods, respect the element's border and margin and add extra margins on each side when scrolling.

But what makes this library unique compared to other libraries I've looked into is that it that it not only works with vertical but also with horizontal scrollbars, nested scrollable DIVs and fixed elements!


  // Scroll with default options
  var target = document.getElementById('target-element');

  // Scroll with additional parameters
  var options = {
    // See section options
    animationMethod: 'easeInOut',
    animationTimeout: 500,
    force: true,
    align: 'auto',
    withCssMargins: true,
    marginTop: 10,
    marginLeft: 10,
    marginRight: 10,
    marginBottom: 10
  nestedScroll(target, options);

  // Define a global configuration option
  nestedScroll.config('animationMethod', 'easeIn');

  // Define multiple configuration options at once
      marginLeft: 5,
      marginTop: 5,
      marginRight: 5,
      marginBottom: 5


animationMethod (default: undefined)


  • 'linear': linear scrolling
  • 'easeIn': start slow, end fast
  • 'easeOut': start fast, end slow
  • 'easeInOut': start slow, get fast and end slow
  • any other or undefined: Scroll without animation

Additionally, you can provide a function that expects a parameter value in the range of 0 to 1 (the fractional animation time) and returns a target value between 0 and 1 (the fractional scrolling position). An example for such a function could be Math.sqrt.

animationTimeout (default: 500)

Animation time in milliseconds.

force (default: false)

Scroll viewport even if the element is visible within the viewport.

align (default: 'top left')

Up to two from the following values:

  • left (scroll to left boundary)
  • right (scroll to right boundary)
  • top (scroll to top boundary)
  • bottom (scroll to bottom boundary)

If not defined the engine selects the boundary with the shortest offset to the viewport.

withCssMargins (default: false)

Add the elements margins and borders to its bounding rect.

marginTop, marginLeft, marginRight, marginBottom (default: 0)

Add extra margins to the elements bounding rect

Project status

"Works for me" ;-)

Tested in Vivaldi 1.10. Chrome 59 and Firefox 52. If you find a bug that only occurs in another browser, please try to debug it yourself and send a patch or pull request.

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