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Extensible FastCGI Daemon for FreeBSD

Build, Install and Launch on FreeBSD in about 5 minutes:

Login as User root, and install the requisites by the way of the FreeBSD package+ports system:

pkg install -y apache24
pkg install -y clone
pkg install -y subversion
pkg install -y libobjc2
pkg install -y utf8proc
pkg install -y iconv
pkg install -y poppler-utils
pkg install -y clone

For image processing we would employ GraphicsMagic. The default options drag-in a lot of unfortunate stuff from the GNU Compiler Collection and from X11. Therefore, add the few really needed dependencies of GraphicsMagic from the FreeBSD package repository, and build+install graphic/GraphicsMagick from the ports with a custom option-set.

pkg install -y webp
pkg install -y libwmf-nox11

cd /usr/ports/graphics/GraphicsMagick
make config

Disable Jasper, OpenMP, X11
Enable SSE

make install clean


Prepare the installation directory and checkout the sources:

mkdir -p ~/install

cd ~/install
svn checkout ContentCGI
svn checkout ContentCGI/ContentTools
svn checkout ContentCGI/plugins/search-delegate/zettair-spider

cd ~/install/ContentCGI

Execute the building and installation script:

./ install clean


Copy the virtual host configuration file into the Apache Includes directory. It is wise to name the virtual host config file using the desired domain name:

cp -p apache-vhost.conf /usr/local/etc/apache24/Includes/your.content.dom.conf

Use the sed command to set the site's title, and to substitute the virtual host dummy domains and to the desired domain names, e.g. "Your Content" - content.dom - your.content.dom:

sed -i "" -e "s/CONTENT EXAMPLE/Your Content/"         /usr/local/etc/apache24/Includes/your.content.dom.conf
sed -i "" -e "s/" /usr/local/etc/apache24/Includes/your.content.dom.conf
sed -i "" -e "s/"              /usr/local/etc/apache24/Includes/your.content.dom.conf


Create the password digest file of the HTTP Digest authentication for editing the content. Inform your real name, because the system will use this name in the signature of the articles:

htdigest -c /usr/local/etc/apache24/ContentEditors.passwd ContentEditors "Your Real Name"

We may add more users with the same command but without the -c flag:

htdigest /usr/local/etc/apache24/ContentEditors.passwd ContentEditors "Author II Real Name"


Use the shell script for populating the site's directory with an initial set of yet empty web documents, derived from the model files of the content-delegate plugin:

plugins/content-delegate/ "Your Content" /usr/local/www/ContentCGI/webdocs
chown -R www:www /usr/local/www/ContentCGI
chmod -R o-rwx /usr/local/www/ContentCGI


Check the Apache configuration, the output of the following command should be Syntax OK:

httpd -t

Enable Apache and ContentCGI in /etc/rc.conf by adding the following lines - make sure the CGI daemon runs as the non-privileged user www:

ContentCGI_flags="-u www:www -w /usr/local/www/ContentCGI/webdocs"

Start Apache and the ContentCGI Daemon:

service apache24 start
service ContentCGI start


Prepare the working directory for the Zettair search engine:

mkdir -p /var/db/zettair/your.content.dom
chown -R www:www /var/db/zettair/your.content.dom
chmod -R o-rwx /var/db/zettair/your.content.dom

Add to /etc/crontab the following lines:

# call the Zettair spider every minute - it will re-index the articles, if a respective token is present in /var/db/zettair/your.content.dom
*       *       *       *       *       www     /usr/local/bin/spider /usr/local/www/ContentCGI/webdocs/articles your.content.dom > /dev/null 2>&1


Point your browser to your domain and explore the system -


Extensible FastCGI Daemon for FreeBSD







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