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An online wrapper for the RetDec Decompiler
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Currently hosted by Rewzilla at

What is this?

This is an online wrapper for the RetDec Decompiler. This is made for ease of access and all rights are reserved to Avast for the actual RetDec source code.

What can it do?

The web interface included a sample of command line flags available, including:

  • Architecture selection
  • Target Endianness
  • Raw Entry Point Address
  • Function Decompile List
  • Range Decompile List
  • Keep Unreachable Functions
  • Keep Brackets in Generated Code
  • Keep Standard Library Functions
  • Emit Compound Operators
  • Insert IDA Pro Color Tags

After uploading your binary and selecting any options, the interface will

  1. Display the result of the decompile command (in case errors/exceptions were thrown)
  2. Display the decompiled C source
  3. Give the user an option to download said source


All files are cleared if they are older than 30 minutes by a simple cron job.

find /var/www/html/uploads/* -mmin +30 -exec rm {} ;

*/10 * * * * /root/removeOldFiles

Community Support

If you have an idea for making this better, feel free to fork and pull request! This was made for easy access for CTFs and various projects at DSU and I am welcome to feedback/ideas.

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