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TodoMVC example implemented in Cycle.js
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Latest commit 1b38b27 Jul 10, 2018
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js Port to @cycle/collection Aug 4, 2016
node_modules Update all packages Jun 15, 2016
src pass only todo states to `serialize` Aug 6, 2016
.babelrc Update to Diversity and xstream May 28, 2016
.editorconfig Rewrite for Cycle v0.21 May 9, 2015
.gitignore use @cycle/storage Nov 30, 2015
LICENSE Initial commit Nov 9, 2014 Update Jul 10, 2018
index.html Refactor to use todomvc-app-css v2 Aug 24, 2015
package.json Port to @cycle/collection Aug 4, 2016

TodoMVC in Cycle.js

TodoMVC example implemented in Cycle.js.

Updated branch that is based on onionify state management. Oldest branch that neither uses collection package as in main branch, implementation of which onionify also contains, onionify or xstream- instead rxjs. To run oldest delete js and -p folders before running start.

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