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CycleStreets mobile website

CycleStreets HTML5 site, featuring our leading cycle routing, Photomap, POIs, data layers for campaigning, and more.

A full 3D interface, including terrain.

Contributions and pull requests are very welcome.


  • Our leading cycle journey planner
    • Plan cycle routes from A-B
    • UK coverage, and beyond
    • Choice of route types
    • Turn-by-turn directions list
    • Full waypoint support
    • Elevation display with slider
    • Recent searches
    • Recent journeys
  • Photomap
    • View cycle infrastructure photos
    • Contribute your images
    • Filter by type, category
  • POIs
    • E.g. bike shops, cycle parking
  • Campaigning data layers
    • Collisions
    • Traffic counts
    • Cycle theft
    • Cycleability ratings
    • Planning applications
    • Cycling groups
  • Full 3D interface
    • 3D
    • Pan/zoom support
    • Two-finger pan/rotate gesture support
    • Terrain
    • One-finger zoom: (double-tap-up/down) support
  • Geolocation and geocoder
  • Simultaneous layer support
  • Blog
  • Feedback
  • Settings and signin
  • Choice of map styles
    • Various vector styles
    • Bitmap styles
    • Historic map styles
  • Share sheet support
  • Night mode


  • Routing by Simon Nuttall
  • Site development by Patrick Johansson
  • Library development by Martin Lucas-Smith
  • UX/UI design and concept by Martin Lucas-Smith & Patrick Johansson
  • UI design and icons by Jamie Watson
  • Uses Mapbox GL JS mapping library


Contributions and pull requests are very welcome.

A supplied example Apache configuration is supplied.

  1. Create an Apache VirtualHost; this is necessary as the site employs mod_rewrite for proper permalink support
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Clone the Mapboxgljs.LayerViewer library into /js/lib/ or use an alias as per the Apache configuration
  4. Clone the routing-ui library into /js/lib/ or use an alias as per the Apache configuration

Code structure

Three components are used: The current repo, a layer management library, and a routing UI library.

The site structure is as follows:

  • (1) The current repo, which is a user interface class, defines the available data layers, and contains UI logic; it uses:
    • (2) The Mapboxgljs.LayerViewer library, which is a general UI library responsible for managing multiple layers on a map.
    • (3) The routing-ui library (for the journey planner layer), which is a routing UI library, managing the mechanics of planning a route.

The index.html file defines various libraries and then runs /js/cyclestreets.js which contains the site logic.

All URL requests, other than assets, are challenged into that index.html file, using rewriting at webserver level.


Copyright CycleStreets Ltd, 2020-21.




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