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Bash script to install Nominatim on Ubuntu

Tested on 14.04 using Postgres 9.3

After the repository has been cloned from github, proceed by making your own file based on the file.

Running the installation script (as root) will:

  • create a nominatim user
  • download all the necessary packages
  • download the planet extract as defined by the file
  • build the Nominatim index
  • create a virtual host

The root user is required to install the packages, but most of the installation is done as the nominatim user (using sudo).


Add this repository to a machine using the following, as your normal username (not root). In the listing the grouped items can usually be cut and pasted together into the command shell, others require responding to a prompt:

# Install git
sudo apt-get -y install git

# Tell git who you are
git config --global "Your git username"
git config --global "Your git email"

# Clone the installer
git clone

# Move to the right place
sudo mv nominatim-install /opt
cd /opt/nominatim-install/
git config core.sharedRepository group

# Instantiate a config file

# Edit
# At least set a password for the nominatim user
# Rest of file defaults to processing Andorra - which should take about half an hour

# Run the installation
sudo ./