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A demonstration on how to authentified a user in django using the CYCLONE federation provider with Apache 2 and mod_oidc
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OpenID-Connect example with Apache2, SSL, the Cyclone Federation Provider and Django

How to run:

# Build with (docker)[]

# Run on localhost

# Run on a distant server
edit `settings.conf` and FQDN variable

# Stopping and removing ALL container
docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq)

Visit https://localhost, for the openid-connect example. Once connected visit https://localhost/polls

OIDCRemoteUserClaim setting can be used to specify which claim to use to set REMOTE_USER in apache2.

Known problem

Error 100 in apt-get update

If you encounter an error 100 during the build with the apt-get update, it can means that you are behind a firewall that is blocking some dns resolution. To fix it, uncomment and adapte DNS_FOR_DOCKER variable in settings.conf.

attempt to write a readonly database

Note that httpd inside the container must have execution right on PROJECT_ROOT, and rwx on $PROJECT_ROOT/db.sqlite3.

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