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Releases: cyclosm/cyclosm-cartocss-style


22 Jul 17:49
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  • Fix names not rendered in some alphabts. Fix #489.
  • Render mtb:name when no name is known and mtb:name is available. Fix #533.
  • Render landuse=retail and shop=mall names. Fix #526.
  • Fix missing POIs: swimming pools, shop=doityourself and schools. Fix #64.
  • Render train stations when tagged on buildings (polygons). Fix #527.
  • Rendering bridge surface. Fix #551.
  • Remove rendering ramp:xxx=separate. Fix #545.
  • Remove rendering of minor railway (spur, siding, yard) at low zooms, fade them for higher zooms. Fix #559.
  • Use SQL views for easier maintenance of the SQL codes. BREAKING CHANGE,
    requires to run psql -d osm --file=views.sql manually to create the
    required views.
  • Fix some missing service:bicycle:* icons. See #573.
  • Render aerodrome icons at higher zoom levels. See #564.
  • Ensure mtb_scale=6 is rendered as such. See #583.
  • Render highway=busway as highway=service. See #557.


05 Mar 19:14
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  • Render more features at low zoom: land, water and hillshades at zoom 3 and 4. See #494.
  • Fix, render as road bike surface tracktype=grade1 and good smoothness.
  • Render dam #481.
  • Add dashline outline on path like way tunnels #492.
  • Fix cycleway hidded by rail background #451.
  • Fix cycleroute name not rendered if no ref #510.
  • Fix ford on node not rendered #508.
  • Use blue shared cycle path for bus/cycle lane #356.
  • Add bicycle leisure track for areas.
  • Render minor service road at zoom 14 #519.
  • Render living street with 20km/h color by default #238.
  • Restore contours. Fix #157.


19 Dec 10:03
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  • Fix an issue with routes with state=proposed not rendered. See #438.
  • Remove motorways at low zoom level. See #447.
  • Thinner cycle routes and easier to distinguish secondaries / railways at
    medium zooms. See #447.
  • Make roads more visible at Z11. See #447.
  • Render admin_level=4 (states / regions) with dash from z4 to avoid miximg
    them up with railways. See #447.
  • Fix bicycle shop icon size at zooms 14-15.
  • Fix a bug in highway=motorway_link color, see #453.
  • Rework drinking water icon
  • Distinguish toilets with drinking water.
  • Distinguish access for toilets and drinking water.
  • Add subicon at POI for bicycle services (pump, tool, rental/repair/retail).
  • Render islands names. See #456.
  • Add flood prone text for flood_prone=yes highways. See #374.
  • Render all available conditionals, concatenated.
  • Truncate cycle junction names. See #381.
  • Render mountain pass
  • Fix render of healthcare and doctors. See #348.
  • Render maxspeed on shared path. See #266.
  • Render bicycle give way signs. See #420. This one requires explicit
    activation through localconfig.
  • Render sidewalk:{left,right,both}:bicycle as shared cycle tracks.
    See #464.
  • Add cycle route name.
  • Render parking amenity and servie road parking aisle, drive-through, driveway smaller.
  • Add floor/ground slots bicycle parking.
  • Render amenity=community_centre, see #306.


04 Oct 12:04
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  • Rework protected areas borders
  • Better railway rendering at low zooms (z8-10)
  • Render bicycle routes without network tag as lcn. See #379.
  • Treat bicycle=use_sidepath roads as not bikable. See #415.
  • Fix a bug making some shops not rendered. See #417.
  • Render barrier=jersey_barrier the same way as block (tagged as point or
    way). See #382.
  • Use a denser pattern for cemetaries.
  • Render amenity=bench. See #377.
  • Render cycleway surface quality rounded. See #400.
  • Fix bicycle parking icon not being inside a not convex polygon. See #395.
  • Reorder POIs to avoid masking a bicycle-related icon behind a pharmacy icon.
    See #360.
  • Render public_transport=platform + shelter=yes as shelter. See #378.
  • Render surface=unpaved as unknown surface + minor fixes for surfaces.
    See #367.
  • Render leisure=track. See #412.
  • Render footway areas with a brownish tone. See #370.
  • Render linear highway=ford. See #424.
  • Making ferry routes that can carry bikes more blue.
  • Render lcn routes tagged on ways directly (and not in a relation). See #430.
  • Ensure cycleways are always on top of the z_order hierarchy, in particular
    with the bonus given to railway tags by osm2pgsql. See #432.
  • Render highway=track as dark green, instead of dark blue.


26 May 20:50
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  • Add blue arrows on designated roads. See #304.
  • Fix missing wind turbines. See #267.
  • Fix incorrect overloading of amenities tags, leading to some amenities not
    being shown. See windmills in #267 for instance.
  • Render guidepost and map for cyclists. See #341.
  • Render unknown surface. See #345.
  • Rework blue / cyan / green colors. See #324.
  • Fix a bug with dashed road surface being drawn on top of side cycle track.
    See #136.
  • Only render bicycle:conditional tag on highways. See #371.
  • Make sure cycle network nodes are drawn in many situations (overlaps).
    See #287.
  • Whole rework of roads layers processing. Generation of Mapnik XML is now
    much faster and resulting XML file is much smaller. See #364.
  • Only render bike stations and low priority POIs names from Z18 and above.
    See #359.
  • Only render cycle lanes / busways from Z12. See #354.
  • Do not render underground buildings.
  • Fix a render issue with labels and amenities. See #362.


15 Apr 18:26
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  • Only display supermarket labels from Z17 (was from Z16). See #323.
  • Add line-cap round for cycleway/path to avoid empty spaces. See #224.
  • Fix a bug with area label rendered below line barrier. See #321.
  • Render name of farmyards. See #264.
  • Render glaciers, scrubs and spring. See #229, #327
  • Fix a bug with some protected areas labels not rendered. See #329.
  • Render highway=bridleway|footway + bicycle=designated as a shared path. See #215.
  • Render indoor paths in faded color. See #334.
  • Render mtb:scale and mtb:scale:imba. See #336.
  • Render railway at low zooms. See #317
  • Improve density of city names in countryside at Z10/Z11. See #195.
  • Render inner tube vending machine. See #315.
  • Darken administrative boundaries to make them easier to see. See #343.
  • Render bicycle parking areas. See #322.


24 Feb 17:22
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  • Render amenity=charging_station designed for bicycles. Fix #290.
  • Fix an issue with handling of bicycle node networks, leading to some
    regional routes not being drawn in France. See #297.
  • Fix a typo leading to residential roads not being visible at zoom 12.
    See #302.
  • Fix noisy cycle routes at low zoom levels by using ST_Simplify with lower
    tolerance instead of ST_SnapToGrid. See #253.
  • Render cinema, theatre, library, casino and change. See #300.
  • Fix ferry route rendered over place labels in low zooms. See #313.
  • Render administrative boundaries. See #209.
  • Properly render national parks. See #37.
  • Remove useless ST_IsValid check in some layers. See #316.
  • Fix ref not rendered for trunk and motorway. See #294.
  • Add conditional text along the way for
    bicycle|vehicle|access|motor_vehicle:conditional. See #65.
  • Lighten tunnel roads, including cycleways. See #298.


26 Jan 16:55
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  • Render highway=trunk as bikeable by default, fix #258.
  • Fix some missing oneway arrows on cycleways and paths. See #257.
  • Fix a bug with æerialway layer, rendering it at all zoom levels.
  • Fix some SQL queries to ensure the geographic index can be fully used and
    restore performances.
  • Fix a bug where military areas where not visible when combined with
  • Hide regional cycling network (part of a node network) at zooms 8 to 10.
    This improves a lot the current render in the Netherlands.
  • Give bridges for large roads a border to emphasize the roads overlaps.
  • Fix a bug with incorrect two-ways arrows being shown on highway=footway.
    See #289.
  • Tourism viewpoint labels where still labeled in brown. Fixed, see #263.
  • Fix cycleways being hidden by primary roads along a tunnel. See #278.
  • Render subway station from z14 instead of Z12, to avoid too much
    stations in large cities. Fix #262.
  • Render halt train station, fix #272.
  • Draw roads at Z9 / Z10 with better contrast with the background. Fix #255.
  • Simpler MTB quality surface scheme, which should be more readable.
  • Render new landuses: allotments, natural sand/beach/dune and wetland,
    natural scree/shingle and bare_rock.
  • Render access/bicycle=private roads as not bikable (grey). Fix #259.
  • Improve bikability check for the render by taking into account vehicle
  • Draw motorroads as not cyclable, fix #291.


01 Dec 20:12
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  • Fill in grey roads without bicycle access, see #236.
  • Rework secured bicycle parking icon, see #228.
  • More values for ramps in stairs taken into account, see #248.
  • gravel surface is now considered as ok for trekking bikes, see #242.
  • Fix an issue where non-latin characters might not be rendered for text
    in bold or italic fonts, see #241.
  • Render man_made=water_tap + drinking_water=yes as a drinking water
    point, see #244.
  • Bugfix: fix missing oneway arrow on dedicated cycleway / path / footway,
    see #231.
  • Rework some icons, change color to emphasize bicycle POIs (see #169, #207
    and #185).
  • Pedestrian areas are now rendered in gray.
  • Fix quality surface tag overloading: smoothness > tracktype > surface
    (see #243).
  • Render cycleways in tunnel, see #234.
  • Fix z_order value for bridges, ensure cycleways are always on top of
    the main road on bridges. See #192.
  • Building heights (pseudo 3D effect) was badly computed in mod_tile. Moving
    away from this algorithm and simply rendering them as polygons with
    contours now, see #212.
  • Render man_made=monitoring_station + monitoring:bicycle=yes, see #246.
  • Fix forest tree icons being rendered on top of buildings. See #223.
  • Render aerialway. See #256.
  • Drop road shields and place the ref of the roads along them. Fix #197.
  • Render motorways where cycling is allowed in very pale red. Fix #203.


17 Nov 10:33
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  • Some roads with motor_vehicle=no were no longer in cyan due to a logical
    error, this is now fixed. See #222.
  • Better rendering of cycleways on bridges, to avoid them being drawn below
    the associated highway.
  • Make pedestrian streets smaller at high zoom.
  • Steps are now rendered the same color as footway.
  • Surface is shown from Z14, to have track surfaces at this zoom.
  • Traffic lights are now rendered from Z18 instead of Z17.
  • Buildings 3D effect is now rendered from Z18 instead of Z17.