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This repository holds scripts to analyze Cyclus' output and to convert it into nuclear fuel cycle metrics.

Installing Cymetric

Cymetric is available on the same platforms as Cyclus: Ubuntu and Max OS.


First, please check to make sure you have all of the dependencies.

Required dependencies:

Optional dependencies:

  • PyNE and its dependencies

PyNE is what the Cyclus project uses for its nuclear data, and many metrics in cymetric depend on it.

Building from Source

Cymetric can be built from source by first downloading the code by cloning the GitHub repository:

$ git clone

Then build and install to the same location Cyclus is installed:

$ cd cymetric
$ python install --prefix $(cyclus --install-path)

Next, run the tests to ensure everything is working properly:

$ nosetests -w tests/

Installation via Binary

The latest released version of Cymetric is available via Conda. After obtaining miniconda by following steps 1 and 2 here, Cymetric can be installed by the following command:

$ conda install cymetric --yes

Using Cymetric


The tutorial and the API doucmentation can be found on in the User Guide.

Use-case Examples

See the examples directory within the main cymetric directory to review an example of how an analysis may be carried out using cymetric's capabilities.