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As of now emstar is available on Marmalade [] so if you have it set up you can (and should) just run M-x package-install emstar
2008, Gwenhael Le Moine <gwenhael.le.moine!>
Copy `emstar.el' anywhere you like, best in a directory, which is in
the default load-path of your emacs.
Copy the directory `emstar-levels' and it's content anywhere you
like, the default configuration of Emacs Emstar expects it in
Add the following lines to your .emacs file:
(autoload 'emstar "emstar.el"
"Start a new game of Emstar." t)
(autoload 'emstar-mode "emstar.el"
"Play Emstar in current buffer." t)
If you put `emstar.el' in a place which is not in your load-path you
have to write the full path like "/path/to/emstar.el" instead of
If you put the emstar-levels in a other directory than
/usr/local/share you must configure `emstar-levels-dir' in your
.emacs to point to the proper place:
(setq emstar-levels-dir "/path/to/emstar-levels")
This can also be set using emacs customize feature.
Player files
By default Emacs Emstar saves player-files to /tmp. These files hold
the best results for each player and the last level each player finished.
If you want your player files to be put in another place set the value
of `emstar-playerfiles-dir' appropriate, either in your .emacs file
(setq emstar-playerfiles-dir "/path/to/emstar-playerfiles")
or using the emacs customize feature.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The directory holding the playerfiles must be
writeable for all players of Emacs Emstar. So it should be a
dedicated directory with access permissions set to 1777 on *nix
You can turn of writing of playerfiles by setting
`emstar-playerfiles-dir' to nil, but this will disable some features,
such as best players listing.