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Snap! Autograder

An extension to Snap! which enables client-side autograding.

Cloning README

Clone with git clone --recursive to download the snap source as a submodule.

If you've already cloned without --recursive do:

  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update

Architecture Overview

Files List:

  • edx-problem-code.xml

    • This is the code that belongs in edX for each autograded exercise.
    • You will need to modify parameters in this file when pasting it into edX. (See the README comments at the top.)
  • AG_EDX.js

    • TODO
  • AG_EDX_NoXML.js

    • TODO
  • AGAgent.js

    • TODO
  • AGFormatting.js

    • TODO
  • feedbackLog.js

    • TODO
  • scriptAnalysis.js

    • TODO
  • spriteEventLog.js

    • TODO
  • snap-edx-overrides.js

    • These are the only customizations to the Snap! source
    • (Not true right now, but eventually things will be refactored.)
  • Dependencies:

    • jQuery
      • duh!
    • jschannel.js
      • Used for communication with edX via iframes
    • underscore-min.js
      • used once in scriptAnalysis.js

Writing Tests

This is the recommended approach:

  • Start a local host server, such as:
    • cd into this directory.
    • python -m SimpleHTTPServer or python3 -m http.server
    • Navigate to http://localhost:8000/
  • Use the file: local-snap-ag.html
  • Set #test_file=path in the URL.
  • If you have a starter XML file, it must be in the same directory as test_file
    • Example: In the above case you have week1_gps.js in the mooc3/ folder and a starter file W1_L1_Starter_GPS_Scraping.xml also in mooc3/
    • NOTE: When referring to the path to the starter file, don't write the directory in your test file.
  • If the Snap! page does not load, and the console shows that the files in the snap folder cannot be found, cd into the snap folder and type the git commands from the "Cloning README" section above

edX Setup

  • Upload snap/ which is an exact copy of the Snap! repo, and lib/
    • Export a tar file from studio.edx, and uncompress it
    • then add snap/ to the static/ folder
    • add lib/ to static/
    • Recompress the course folder and use edX's import tool.
  • Upload all the files in ag-files to edX, but not in a subfolder.
  • Upload all the files in lib to edX, but not in a subfolder.
  • Upload edx-snap-ag.html but not in a subfolder.
  • Upload a *.js file for each problem
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