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Kick all clients with badges.
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TeamSpeak 3 AntiBadges

If you do not want to have users with badges, use AntiBadges.
AntiBadges kicks all users who have a badge.


+ AntiBadges:
    Kick all clients with badges
    Kick all clients with Overwolf (new)
+ AntiSpoof:
    Kick all clients with badges that have not yet been released
+ AntiDuplicate:
    Kick all clients with duplicated badges
+ Save kicked clients in a log.txt
+ Show error in err.txt

How to use

Download the files and upload it in your vServer (you can also use php on desktop). Now give the files permissions with:

chmod 777 *

Open the AntiBadges.php and edit the "Edit" line. Now you can start the bot with:

./ A-AntiBadges.
if you want to deactivate the bot use:
./ D-AntiBadges
To restart this script use:
./ R-AntiBadges


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