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Recommend fivefilters now

fivefilvers provides the service to convert partial RSS to full content RSS. They use Readability's content api to get the full content. So it should be reliable than doing it manually.

This project will still be useful for some simple tasks. Like removing the footnote at the end of each item, etc.


Han Han (韩寒) writes great article about the China's problem. His blog is on Sina which doesn't export full RSS. So I created this to convert the partial RSS to a FULL RSS.

Thanks to hpricot, this is really easy to do.


fullrss.rb contains the logic to convert RSS feeds.

Specify the source and a function to process the items in an RSS feed when create instance of FullRSS::RSS. RSS#convert will call the process function on each item in the RSS feed.

To get full RSS quickly and avoid client time out, you may need to cache content. If cache is enabled, it will smiply stores the content returned by the process function as text file under the content directory.

RSS#cgi_output can be used in an cgi script to output the converted RSS feed.


Convert excerpt RSS feed to full RSS feed by fetching and parsing.



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