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@@ -29,7 +29,25 @@ The simpliest example here is:
For more examples check [github wiki](
-For proper usage of deserialize callbacks you need to use 9.2 early version or version with the patch [patches/foreign-table-as-argument-to-plpgsql_parse_cwordtype.patch](
+postgresql versions
+* 9.2 - supported by the master branch;
+* 9.1 - for proper usage of deserialize callbacks you need to use the patch [patches/foreign-table-as-argument-to-plpgsql_parse_cwordtype.patch](
+For XML support you need to install postgresql server with --with-libxml configure option and (check libxml dependency below).
+For json support in your callbacks you need to install [json type for postgresql](;a=summary).
+This type is used only for custom callback functions only. Even though, you can parse text representatins of json in this case.
+Current implementation of postrgresql json native type doesn't allow to retrieve fields, thus can't be used in current state.
@@ -50,6 +68,7 @@ This module depends on
* [libcurl](
* [libjson](
+ * [libxml](
The source of libjson is included this module package and linked as a
static library, wheares libcurl is assumed installed in the system.

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