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Get your Ovh / OvhCloud bills the easy way

OvhBills get your Ovh bills for you.

OvhBills interface


OvhBills is a Laravel 6 application.

  • Clone or download this repository to your server.
  • Run composer install
  • Copy file .env.example to .env
  • Open .env and enter your database settings right (you can also enter your FTP settings if you want your bills to be stored on your FTP server)
  • Run the migrations php artisan migrate
  • Add this line to your crontab : * * * * * php {pathToTheApp}/artisan schedule:run
  • Register and login to the interface, enter your Ovh settings


OVHBills is released under the MIT license. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.


Node alternative by UrielCh:


Cyrille Georgel (BlueRock R&D/BlueRockTEL)

BlueRock R&D

We listen to you in order to understand your work and your needs, before designing and building an elegant and efficient Web application for you. An application based on the highest standards, which will make you more agile, efficient and confident. Laravel specialist and Ovh partner Learn morez

Nous vous écoutons afin de comprendre votre métier, avant de concevoir et de constuire, pour vous et avec vous, une application Web élégante et performante, fondée sur les standards les plus efficients, qui va vous rendre plus agile, plus efficace et plus serein. Spécialiste Laravel et partenaire Ovh. En savoir plus


The context of the subscription economy and the increasing convergence between Telecom and Cloud services brings new ways of approaching customers, selling to them, serving and charging them. BlueRockTEL is your complete CRM and billing solution to do so. Our fully automated, cost effective and data driven solution will help you to reach your business goals. Learn more

La généralisation de l'économie de l'abonnement et la convergence croissante entre les services Telecom et Coud apportent de nouvelles manières d'approcher les clients, de les servir et de les facturer. BlueRockTEL est votre solution CRM et facturation complète pour réussir ce challenge. Notre solution entièrement automatisée, économique et axée sur la data vous aidera à atteindre vos objectifs business. En savoir plus

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