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Cygnite PHP Framework- Skeleton Application
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Skeleton Application Using Cygnite PHP Framework

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Sample skeleton application using the Cygnite MVC layer -

Note: This repository contains the skeleton application of the Cygnite Framework. If you would like to contribute on Cygnite Framework, please visit the core repository.


The best way to install Cygnite Framework is to download composer.phar from to your local directory and move it to usr/local/bin to use globally on your system. For windows users please download and install composer setup.

You may install Cygnite Framework either simply downloading skeleton application from github repository and issuing composer install or using composer create-project command.

###Composer: Create Project

Create a project from your terminal by executing below command.

composer create-project cygnite/cygnite-application cygnite --prefer-dist
composer.phar create-project cygnite/cygnite-application cygnite --prefer-dist

That's all, you are ready to build your awesome application.


i. Getting bored with the same kind of development all time?

ii. Want to build something awesome?

iii. Want to help open source community?

You are at right place. We welcome you to participate on Cygnite Framework's development or its documentation.

Contribute on Cygnite Framework development, grow with us. Join the team, learn, get help and help others, find, report bugs, send us your feedback, send your wishlist for new features or write and send us patches for Cygnite Framework.

###Contributing To Core Framework-

i. Make sure you have GitHub Account.

ii. Clearly describe the issue you find to fix shortly.

iii. Create a branch where you would like to place your changes and send the patches to us.

iv. Fork cygnite/framework repository on GitHub.

v. PSR coding standards must be followed.


The Cygnite framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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