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Command-line access to database
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A simple command-line tool for working with the data collected by Richard Cyganiak's excellent service

I rely on the service as the easiest way to remember URIs for RDF vocabularies. But I often find myself working on a train or a plane and so the service is accessible.

What I really wanted is a way to query the knowledge base both on and offline.

Prefix command provides you with a simple command-line tool to do exactly that.


[sudo] gem install prefix-cmd

Or grab the source and:

rake install


The command caches a local copy of the data available from:

The data is fetched and cached in:


There are three options:

prefix-cmd init #initialise or refresh your local cache

To lookup a URI:

prefix-cmd uri [prefix|curie]

To suggest a prefix:

prefix-cmd prefix [uri]

Thats all!

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