A little script for generating meeting minutes in Textile markup from Skype HTML logs
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A script that takes a Skype chatlog in HTML format and reformats it
as meeting minutes in Textile format.

For multi-date chatlogs, a date is hardcoded in the source. Only messages
from this date are processed.

The HTML output of Skype 2.8 for OS X is assumed. Other versions of
Skype may produce different HTML and may not work.

To run it, just invoke the file:

    $ ruby skype-minutes.rb chatlog.html

Output is dumped to STDOUT.


Producing a headline:

    Topic: xxx

Producing a subheadline:

    Subtopic: xxx

Scribing what someone said:

    Alice: something that Alice said
    ... something more that Alice said

“Alice” has to be the actual first name of someone who said something
in the chat, otherwise her name has to be defined in the chat:

    NAME alice = Alice Smith

Alternatively, names can be added to the “speaker” hash in the source
code (as 'alice' => 'Alice Smith').

Defining an action:

    ACTION: Alice to post minutes to Basecamp