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Find a Movie

What is this: This is a web application using open api and using localStorage to store the data.

I have difficulty on make a choice about which film to watch, so I made this simple app to help me make the decision. Here are the main features:

  • find a movie
  • add to the default list, store data at local
  • press the "Find One" button to randomly find a movie to watch
  • label that movie as "watched"
  • delete data from local

How to Use: For example, use the search input to find the nominees of 2020 Oscars, and add them to the default list, then let the app to find one (make the decision) for you.

The "f" letter's font in the logo is Apple Chancery.

Some Notes

deploy on heroku

I think the safety way is creating the app in Heroku and use the "Github" as the deployment method.

Then we can use as the buildpack add manually at it in "Settings". This is because by default the build method is "node" which is not suitable for a React app.

And manually add the REACT_APP_API_KEY in the "Config Vars" area which is also in "Settings".

But here's the "terminal way":

heroku create -b
git push heroku master

# add the env variables to Heroku
heroku config:set REACT_APP_API_KEY=11111111

I'm not sure whether this "terminal way" could work, because I failed, then I use the safety way.

here's some articles about deployment


A simple app help to decide which film to watch.







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