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OtherBlocks is a plugin for the Minecraft Bukkit API that lets you change what blocks and mobs drop when they die or are broken. It is very flexible, but out of the box does nothing. Please read the rest of this page to understand how to configure OtherBlocks to do what you want.

For the latest download, see the Bukkit forum thread: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/21074/

Config Examples and Ideas (ideas and ways to achieve specific functionality with OtherBlocks)

Material and Creature Values (block, item, creature and tool values)

Color and Data Values (a list of valid color or data values)

Installing and Configuring

Extract the files (jar and OtherBlocks folder) into your plugins folder.

Out of the box, OtherBlocks does nothing. To make it do what you want, edit the file plugins/OtherBlocks/otherblocks-globalconfig.yml. Example files are supplied and can be enabled simply by changing "no" to "yes". Additional custom configuration can be included at the bottom of the global file or you can add your own files. Drop parameters are details further down this page.

## OtherBlocks example files
    ob-fix_undroppables: no      # fix glass, bookshelf, boat and stairs drops
    ob-goldtools-basic: no       # allow gold-pickaxe chance to get ice & glowstone, gold-hoe chance to get grass
    ob-goldtools-smelt: no       # gold-pickaxe smelts ores to ingots, sand to glass, etc
    ob-leaf_overhaul: no         # overhaul leaf drops (apples, cocoa beans, leaves, sticks & a very small chance of golden apple)
    ob-playerdeath_zombie: no    # players drop zombies on death (that's it - see undead_chaos for more fun :D)
    ob-undead_chaos: no          # the undead shall rise again! Includes players dropping zombies/skeletons
#    ob-random_examples: no      # For crazy testing only :) Read through examples before activating.

## Other users overhauls
    overhaul-catballs: no        # great example/playable config from Catballs (disable "ob" configs before using this one, otherwise you might have too many drops)
    overhaul-zarius: no          # Zar's messy config (I run this with no other includes, at the moment)

Customised configs

Here is an example we shall go through bit-by-bit:

priority: lowest
verbosity: normal

        - tool: GOLD_SPADE
          drop: GLASS
        - tool: DIAMOND_SPADE
          drop: GLOWSTONE
          chance: 50
          drop: NETHERRACK
          quantity: 2-4
        - tool: ALL
          drop: APPLE
          chance: 5
        - tool: DIAMOND_SWORD
          drop: DIAMOND
          world: creeperworld
        - drop: APPLE
          chance: 10
  • You can probably ignore the first two lines, as they are general options that govern the whole plugin:

    • priority lets you try to fix compatibility issues with other plugins: acceptable values are lowest, low, normal, high and highest.
    • verbosity governs how much information is printed to the console. By default, normal prints every single substitution that OtherBlocks will make. If you have many substitutions, set this to low to hide them. It will still print error messages.
  • "otherblocks:" starts the main block of substitutions. Note that from this point on, every line is indented by at least four spaces, not tabs

    • The first is for when you break a sand block:

      • If you break it with a gold spade, you always get glass
      • If you break it with a diamond shovel, you get glowstone 50% of the time, otherwise sand.
      • The rest of the time, it always drops sand.
    • The second shows the list syntax and how to have a randomized drop quantity. If you break coal ore with either a diamond or gold pickaxe, you get between two and four netherrack blocks.

    • The third shows the "all" keyword, and how to select the original block data type. Birch tree leaves drop apples 5% of the time, regardless of tool. Leaves from other trees do not change their behaviour.

    • The fourth shows a mob drop and the multiworld option. If you kill a creeper, with a diamond sword, in the world called "creeperworld", it drops a diamond.

    • The final shows the special "leaf decay" event. Leaves decaying drop an apple 10% of the time - less than if you break by hand, in this example.

All config parameters

Here is a summarised list of parameters:

Conditions: tool, toolexcept, quantity, chance, worlds, weather, biomes, time, height, permissions, permissiongroups, exclusive, attackrange, regions.

Actions: drop, color, event, message, damagetool, damageattacker, delay, runcommands.

For full usage details see: Configuration Parameters