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Open Source Bike Share

The world's first low-cost and open source bike sharing system.

Bottom-up bicycle sharing system suitable for smaller communities or areas such as campuses, companies etc.

Use fully functional "breakthrough" version in the meantime.


NOTE: Looking for help/developers to develop new web app in Laravel framework.


  • Web app (mobile-friendly)
  • Optional SMS system to rent and return bicycles
  • Optional QR code system to rent and return bicycles
  • Web map with geolocation and availability of the bicycle stands
  • Optional credit system for paid rentals
  • Registration form for the new users
  • Admin to edit users, create stands or change bicycle availability
  • Google Analytics enabled for stats on web and bike usage
  • Connector system to support any provider of SMS Gateway / API
  • Easy web install to launch system

Where is it working?

3 bike sharing systems in 2 cities.

Community bikesharing

Currently running with about 130 bicycles in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

The bicycles in the bike share (featuring four digit code U-locks) The bicycles in the bike share One of the stands One of the stand of the open source bicycle sharing system Another stand with some bicycles One of the stand of the free bicycle sharing system

Cycling Faculty

A faculty of a local university provides 8 bicycles for their students with three stands - the university and two different student housing locations in the city.

Play video to see it in action: Video of Cycling Faculty

Web of the university bicycle share for students

Second city - Kezmarok

Community run system with about 10 bicycles in Kezmarok, Slovakia.


Demo bike sharing - do not share your location, otherwise map will jump out of the bike share area.

How does it work?

  • No special bicycles required, any usable (mid-sized frame) bicycles will do
  • No fixed stands required, stand positions are just marked for visibility
  • Checks and balances included to prevent system abuse
  • Free for all or charge users for rental time

Run with Docker

docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

open your Browser at http://localhost/app/home or http://localhost/logs

Launch your own bike sharing system!

If you need help to set up your own bike sharing system including the real world part (the stands, bicycles, locks etc.), we are available for consultation.

We will talk to you about the expectations, situation, bicycle theft, potential users and provide you with help to launch your own successful bike sharing system.

First consultation is free, get in touch:

Follow us on Twitter: @OpenBikeShare