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a repository of links

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A very simple site that lets you post links and text for safe keeping. Like bookmarks, or, but better.

My copy of this lives at

Installation + Usage

Expects PHP 5.5+ to use the password hashing functionality.

To use this on your own server, it's fairly simple. The database layout is in links.sql.

You should rename dbconn_mysql.example.php to dbconn_mysql.php and fill it in with the relevant credentials.

Open up your favorite text editor and do a find-and-replace for and probably /of/links/ to match whatever hostname and path you're installing this into.

To get pretty URLs working, just use the links-lighty.conf configuration file in lighttpd. If you're not using lighttpd, you'll have to transcribe it to your own config, but it's pretty simple.

Since part of this depends on /dev/urandom, I don't think this'll work well on a Windows server.

User Invite Codes

Right now the only way to get an invite code is to manually add one to the database's invite_codes table.

To Do / Stuff / Notes

I'd like to recreate this project with React and Laravel and other stuff like that, since this is so simple.

Right now the report_error() function just spits out the error, should switch that to logging...


A simple link saving site.




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