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# - Check Python source code formatting, according to the
# Twisted Coding Standard.
# This monkey-patches the pep8 module to replace checks that conflict with the
# Twisted Coding Standard, and uses pep8 to check the Python source code.
Check Python source code formatting, according to the Twisted Coding Standard
This script is dependent upon the pep8 module which can be found at:
# Try to import SublimeLinter to guarantee that it runs before we do, so
# there's something to patch.
import sublimelinter.modules.python
except ImportError:
import re
import fnmatch
import os
from pep8 import DOCSTRING_REGEX, expand_indent
if 'original_blank_lines' not in globals():
from pep8 import blank_lines as original_blank_lines
class StyleDeterminer(object):
def readConfig(self):
conf = os.path.expanduser("~/.twisted-pep8-paths.txt")
if os.path.exists(conf):
with open(conf) as f:
lines ="\n")
regex = '({0})'.format('|'.join(map(fnmatch.translate, lines)))
self.regex = re.compile(regex)
self.regex = re.compile('.*')
def isTwistedStyle(self, pathname):
Should this function be PEP style-checked according to Twisted or vanilla
PEP8 style? Attempt to guess based on the file name.
return self.regex.match(pathname)
determiner = StyleDeterminer()
isTwistedStyle = determiner.isTwistedStyle
def inFunctionBody(line_number, lines):
Return (unfortunately just, an educated guess as to) whether the given line
number in the given list of lines is in a function body (as opposed to a
class body, or some other kind of suite) or not.
current_indent = expand_indent(lines[line_number])
for x in xrange(line_number, 0, -1):
line = lines[x-1]
if expand_indent(line) < current_indent:
if line.startswith("def "):
return True
if line.startswith("class "):
return False
return False
checkingFilename = None
lastLine = None
def twisted_blank_lines(logical_line, blank_lines, indent_level, line_number,
previous_logical, previous_indent_level,
# Not required by previous implementation:
filename, lines):
Twisted Coding Standard:
Separate top-level function and class definitions with three blank lines.
Method definitions inside a class are separated by two blank lines.
Extra blank lines may be used (sparingly) to separate groups of related
functions. Blank lines may be omitted between a bunch of related
one-liners (e.g. a set of dummy implementations).
Use blank lines in functions, sparingly, to indicate logical sections.::
Okay: def a():\n pass\n\n\n\ndef b():\n pass
Okay: class A():\n pass\n\n\n\nclass B():\n pass
Okay: def a():\n pass\n\n\n# Foo\n# Bar\n\ndef b():\n pass
E301: class Foo:\n b = 0\n def bar():\n pass
E302: def a():\n pass\n\ndef b(n):\n pass
E303: def a():\n pass\n\n\n\ndef b(n):\n pass
E303: def a():\n\n\n\n pass
E304: @decorator\n\ndef a():\n pass
E305: "comment"\n\n\ndef a():\n pass
E306: variable="value"\ndef a(): pass
global checkingFilename, lastLine
if ((checkingFilename is None or lastLine is None or
checkingFilename != filename or lastLine < line_number)):
# If we're running a new check, re-read the configuration.
if checkingFilename != filename:
# Don't expect blank lines before the first line
if line_number == 1:
if not isTwistedStyle(filename):
for value in original_blank_lines(logical_line, blank_lines,
indent_level, line_number,
yield value
def isClassDefDecorator(thing):
return (thing.startswith('def ') or
thing.startswith('class ') or
previous_is_comment = DOCSTRING_REGEX.match(previous_logical)
# no blank lines after a decorator
if previous_logical.startswith('@'):
if blank_lines:
yield 0, "E304 blank lines found after function decorator <T>"
# should not have more than 3 blank lines
elif blank_lines > 3 or (indent_level and blank_lines > 2):
yield 0, "E303 too many blank lines (%d) <T>" % blank_lines
elif isClassDefDecorator(logical_line):
if indent_level:
# There should only be 1 line or less between docstrings and
# the next function
if previous_is_comment:
if blank_lines > 1:
yield 0, (
"E305 too many blank lines after docstring (%d) <T>" %
# between first level functions, there should be 2 blank lines.
# any further indended functions can have one or zero lines
if not (blank_lines == 2 or
indent_level > 4 or
previous_indent_level <= indent_level or
inFunctionBody(line_number, lines)):
yield 0, ("E301 expected 2 blank lines, found %d <T>" %
# top level, there should be 3 blank lines between class/function
# definitions (but not necessarily after varable declarations)
elif previous_indent_level and blank_lines != 3:
yield 0, "E302 expected 3 blank lines, found %d <T>" % blank_lines
elif blank_lines > 1 and indent_level:
yield 0, "E303 too many blank lines, expected (%d) <T>" % blank_lines
import pep8
for name in ['blank_lines']:
setattr(pep8, name, globals()['twisted_'+name])
pep8._checks = {'physical_line': {}, 'logical_line': {}, 'tree': {}}
print("Unable to import PEP8.")
def _main():
import pep8
print 'Unable to import pep8'
if __name__ == '__main__':