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Check the support of your graphics card to support Apple's Video Decode Acceleration framework and play h264 content with hardware acceleration.
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  • Sorry - no precompiled binary from this fork.


Small command line tool that checks the capabilities of your graphics hardware & OS to decode h264 videos on your GPU. Apple doesn't seems to allow all GPU's to use the System Framework, despite the fact that they have the hardware capabilities (like Geforce 8800 or Fermi cards). The tool have the same error codes like other VDA Software (XBMC) but its easier to test.

Apple officaly support Hardware Video Acceleration only on Mac models equipped with: GeForce 9400M GeForce 320M GeForce GT 330M ATI HD Radeon GFX Intel HD Graphics and newer

Feel free to contribute on Github


VDADecoderChecker is released under the GNU General Public License V3. Please see for further information.

Known Issues

On Lion with current Fermi drivers i get an error by the decoder. I think its a driver or OS bug.

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