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A language/compiler development experimentation language/compiler targeting LLVM.
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Lunacy is an LLVM bitcode-targeting compiler for a C-style language with some Ruby influences. Both the language and the compiler are incomplete and serve more as a tech demo and base for language and compiler development experimentation. For example, there is currently no support for any kind of conditional expressions or even local variables (apart from function arguments). It does, however, support both intra-file function calls and calls to C stdlib functions, so you can implement a hello world program in it.

The compiler is implemented in Ruby and is in four stages:

  1. Parser produces sexps
  2. Lunacy.build_ast converts sexps to AST objects
  3. AST objects generate IR objects
  4. IR objects generate LLVM bitcode

The bitcode is then executed using lli. It can also be compiled into a normal binary executable.

Example code

This "extended Hello world" works and is in test.ln:

type string = i8*

extern def printf(string, i32) -> i32
extern def strlen(string) -> i32

def main(i32 argc, i8** argv) -> i32
  printf "%d\n", "foobar".strlen
  return 0


  • Ruby 1.9
  • lli, the LLVM bitcode interpreter
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