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Single command Instructions to fully integrate unsupported miners into ethOS ethosdistro, and examples for miner developers to add their own integrations. Over 30 new or updated miners.

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May 7, 2021

Miner Manager for ethOS

This OFFICIAL miner manager will install, update, or revert these miners to ethOS version 1.3.3

These instructions were written for the average NON linux PC user (thats you!)

These instructions were written for the average NON linux PC user (thats you!)

Estimated read time: 10 minutes (Jump to TL:DR)

List of currently supported miners


  • ✔️ = Fully integrated into ethOS for configuration and hash reporting.
  • = Only miner program is included and may not be able to be configured or report hash with ethOS. You will need to run the miner manually in /opt/miners/MINERNAME and monitor it with your * own solution.
  • 🚀 = Miner programs are downloaded directly from developers release source. You can update as soon as the developer releases the miner.
  • 🔗 = We link to the miner program version directly, either from the developers source or this repo. You can update when we update the link to the new version.
  • 🐌 = We had to compile these miners from code to work on ethOS using the miner-builder. You can update only after we compile and link the new version.
Fully Integrated into ethOS Update Path Supported Hardware Miner Program (click name to get miner specific information) Algorithm DevFee
✔️ 🔗 16.3.0 AMD NVIDIA bminer Equihash, EtHash, Blake, Bytom, Grin 0.65% - 2%
✔️ 🔗 v1.7.1 AMD cast-xmr CryptoNight 1%
✔️ 🐌 v2.3.1 NVIDIA ccminer Sia, NeoScrypt, x16, and more 0%
🐌 1.3.1 NVIDIA ccminer-Zcoin Zcoin 0%
✔️ 🔗 v15.0 AMD NVIDIA claymore EtHash 1% (0% for < 3gb GPU)
✔️ 🚀 NVIDIA cryptodredge Chukwa, CryptoLightV7, Lyra2zz, MTP, X16RV2, and more 1% (2% for MTP)
✔️ 🐌 v2.2.1 AMD NVIDIA energiminer Energi NRG 0%
✔️ 🐌 v18.0 AMD NVIDIA ethminer EtHash 0%
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA gminer AE, BFC, Grin, EtHash, KAWPOW, and more 0.65% - 5%
🚀 AMD NVIDIA gringoldminer Grin (discontinued miner only, run manually in /opt/miners/gringoldminer/) 1%
✔️ 🐌 v3.0.0 NVIDIA grin-miner Grin (AMD limited to a single GPU) 0%
✔️ 🔗 v1.2 AMD NVIDIA grinpro Grin 2%
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA kbminer Grin, AE, VDS 1% AE - 2% Grin
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA lolminer Equihash, Beam & Grin 1%
✔️ 🔗 v1.6v5 NVIDIA miniz Equihash 2%
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA nanominer ETH, ETC, UBQ, RVN, CFX, ERG, XMR, VRSC 1% - 2.5%
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA nbminer CKB, Grin, AE, Sero, SIPC, BFC, BTM, ETH, SWAP 0.65% - 3%
✔️ 🚀 AMD CPU NVIDIA ninjarig Argon2 (Turtle Coin) 1% - 5% (configurable)
🚀 NVIDIA nodecore-pow-cuda-miner VeriBlock (miner only, run manually in /opt/miners/nodecore-pow-cuda-miner/) 0%
🐌 v2.0a AMD NVIDIA nodecore-pow-amd-cuda-miner VeriBlock (miner only, run manually in /opt/miners/nodecore-pow-amd-cuda-miner/) 0%
✔️ 🔗 v5.5c AMD NVIDIA phoenixminer EtHash 0.65% - 0.9% (dual)
✔️ 🚀 AMD CPU NVIDIA soliditysha3miner SHA3 EIP918 tokens 2% (1.5% min configurable)
✔️ 🚀 AMD teamredminer EtHash, CryptoNight, x16rv2, MTP, Lyra2z and more 0.75% - 3%
✔️ 🔗 v0.20.3 NVIDIA t-rex x16rv2, MTP, Lyra2z, timetravel, and more 1% (3% for Tensority)
✔️ 🚀 AMD NVIDIA ubqminer Ethereum based Ubiq 0%
✔️ 🚀 AMD wildrig-multi x16rv2, Squa, MTP, MTP-TCR, timetravel, and more 2% (optional flag change)
✔️ 🐌 v1 AMD CPU NVIDIA xcash-all XCash 0%
🐌 v1 AMD xcash-amd Xcash (miner only, run manually in /opt/miners/xcash-amd/) 0%
✔️ 🚀 AMD CPU NVIDIA xmrig CryptoNight, RandomX and Argon2 5%
✔️ 🚀 AMD xmrig-amd cryptonight, cryptonight-light, cryptonight-heavy 5% (optional flag change 1% lowest)
✔️ 🐌 v2.10.8 AMD CPU NVIDIA xmr-stak CryptoNight and 10+ varients 2%
🚀 AMD CPU NVIDIA xmr-stak-rx RandomX 0%
🚀 NVIDIA zilminer Ethereum based Zilliqa (miner only, run manually in /opt/miners/zilminer/) 0%


ethOS files are overwritten for the installation of each miner even though miners can be left in place with (update). Some miner dependencies will prevent other miners from starting you can completely uninstall a miner using the information here.

Getting Started

Following these instructions will install the chosen miner and its integration files on your ethOS machine. Each miner integration is stored in a branch of github for you to review.

You can get assistance through the support team here:


You need to be running ethos 1.3.3 to install a miner with this script.

Installing the miners

This script was designed for ease of use. You can run a single command to install, update, or remove any miner on this repo and any dependencies with it.

Below are instructions to install the miner-manager script if you think you will use it often, or you can skip installing the manager and just run the script from the github repo in which case the command would look like NON WORKING EXAMPLE

bash <(curl -s miner action

NOTICE: YOU SET THE LAST TWO WORDS to what you want to do. Where the miner is the name of the miner branch in this repo and the actions are install, update, or revert IE for a full install of phoenixminer example or an update of all files run:

bash <(curl -s phoenixminer install


The miner can be easily updated when new releases are out by just changing the action argument to "update" IE to only update the energiminer example program to the latest release run:

bash <(curl -s energiminer update


The miner can be easily uninstalled by changing the action argument to "revert" IE to uninstall wildrig-multi example run:

bash <(curl -s wildrig-multi revert

Downgrading / Version selection

The miner-manager can downgrade a miner by adding a third argument, this works for both the install and update arguments

bash <(curl -s phoenixminer update 4.5c

Or allow you to select a specific version

bash <(curl -s xmr-stak install amd

Where xmr-stak has a cpu version by default but you can select amd or nvidia.


Or allow you to downgrade and select a specific version by being more specific.

bash <(curl -s xmr-stak update 1.0.0-cpu_opencl-amd

ethOS Config Sample

Here is an example of how to add phoenixminer to ethos. These instructions will apply to ANY miner simply by changing "phoenixminer" to the miner you want.

Set the miner

You can use the miner on your local config or globally on a remote config

globalminer phoenixminer

OR in a remote config to set just one rig

miner c94e13 phoenixminer

Where c94e13 is your EthOS rig hostname. You can get your miners hostname by running the terminal command hostname

Set your pool and wallet

for local configs or remote configs to apply globally use

proxywallet walletORusername
poolpass1 x
poolpass2 x

OR to make it specific to this miner program in a remote config

phoenixminer=proxywallet walletORusername
phoenixminer=poolpass1 x
phoenixminer=poolpass2 x

OR to make it specific to this rig

rigwallet c94e13 walletORusername
rigpool1 c94e13
rigpool2 c94e13
rigpoolpass1 c94e13 x
rigpoolpass2 c94e13 x

NOTES: Some miners allow you to use a single cpu thread, for these you can set

globalminer ubqminer-single

Some miners depend on a fallback pool, others do not use them. Best practice is to set both pools to avoid errors.

Manual config sample

ethOS requires several file changes in order to intergrate a miner into its config and hash reporting features, when this code has not been created you can manually run a miner. In this example we will use grinpro, but you can suppliment it with the miner of your choosing.

First stop ethOS from trying to manage a miner, run disallow && minestop, then go to the miner folder cd /opt/miners/grinpro and run the miner ./GrinProMiner to check that its working and to make any firt run configurations. This process will close when you disconnect from ssh and it will not start with ethOS. Exit the miner with the key combination ctrl+c

Once you get the miner to run and know the start command in order to mine add it to nano guide

nano /home/ethos/

Add the following line with the information you discovered, above "exit 0" (you can also start the miner with this command)

screen -dmS miner /opt/miners/grinpro/GrinProMiner ignore-config=true stratum-port=4416 stratum-tls=true nvidia=0 amd=0:0 2>&1 /var/run/ethos/miner.output

The 2>&1 /var/run/ethos/miner.output allows you to use show miner even in manual mode. Add any miner flags just as your pool or miner instructs. That's all you need to do.

About screen

Screen is a linux program that runs an interactive terminal session that you can run independently, connect, and disconnect from. To connect to the miner session and interact with it use

screen -x

To disconnect from a screen session without killing the miner use the key combination ctrl+a d where you press ctrl and a the same time, release, then press d. Using the ctrl+c key combination will kill the miner, not the screen session and create an interesting situation where rebooting is the easiest fix (alternative is ctrl+a k y, checking for live sessions with screen -ls and killing them if found, then restarting the miner with the screen -dmS ... command above.)

Installing the miner-manager (optional) (This does not install a miner, just the script)

If you plan to use this often you can download the miner-manager script and give it execute permissions. To install simply copy paste the command:

sudo wget -O /usr/bin/miner-manager
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/miner-manager

When installed you can use it with miner-manager miner action instead of the larger bash <(curl ... commands above. To update the manager script just repeat the first command.


You are limited to installing 30 miners an hour as this script makes 2 API querries per install. With authenticated requests you get enough to install on 2,500 miners per hour per user.

See GitHub API Documentation for more information.

To authenticate, either use a file (/home/ethos/.gituser) or use the variables after installing the miner-manager. These environmental variables are currently:


An example file is in this repository but is not installed by default.

You must use a valid user for this.

It is recommended to use your Personal Access Token as the GITHUB_PASSWORD for your privacy over https. You can get a PAT from GitHub by going to the User Icon in the upper right corner > Settings > Developer Options > Personal access token > "Generate new token" button > Note "miner-manager" > select Scope of "read:packages" > Generate token. You can now use this token as your GITHUB_PASSWORD in .gituser or the miner-manager file directly. If you loose the token just delete the current PAT and make a new one.


If you are a developer please check the developers guide for information on how to add your miner to ethos and this repo.


Any setting changes to the miner-manager (like an updated release) should be made to the miner.settings file in each miners branch of this repo.

If you got a new miner working using these tools or just improved an intergration please submit a pull request with a new branch for the miner you added.


  • cYnIxX3 - Initial work - cYnIxX3 <== MVP
~ If you found this script useful please donate to encourage more development (every coin helps):
~ BTC bc1qk5mgs5tcm00287vapxupj5x4wqguhqr5qrmu8k
~ ETH 0x456ba7b1e9758c4c6fc56007107796f08ffba12b
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~ LTC LP7iuax4k57EC8GYo1inNMeqAVJ63mMrAc
~ Zcash Zcash t1YzbApi36dftoP2tchEzpZpDkLTM1XkNSq


  • unsivil - added and integrated several miners - unsivilaudio
  • Kahlid74 - added cryptodredge - Phaelon74
  • virusHQ - ported ubqminer - virusHQ
  • amnesium - ported grin-miner - amnesium
  • asluchevskiy - ported t-rex - asluchevskiy
  • Virosa - improved grin-miner, added bminer - Virosa
  • HTCang - ported gminer - HTCang


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details


Step 1: To just install Phoenixminer on your rig Run in the terminal:

bash <(curl -s phoenixminer install

Step 2: Edit your config to match the miner you installed above:

globalminer phoenixminer

You're Done