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A Kivy-based Python implementation of a drawing app that allows you and an AI to draw strokes interchangeably.


Default Parameters

Using default parameters, the app will track every stroke drawn by the user. When the user lifts their pen/mouse, the app feeds the last drawn stroke to the pre-loaded AI. The app will then draw out the subsequent stroke predicted by the AI in the same style.

Custom Parameters

Exchange parameters allow the user to modify how the computer and human artists interact such as in terms of:

  • rate of exchange (number of strokes from human vs. computer)
  • AI memory (how many prior strokes the AI considers when deciding the next stroke)
  • generation type (encode, encode-decode, random generation — these determine how the next stroke is generated) ..- decode: the AI encodes your drawn strokes and predicts the next stroke ..- encode-decode: the AI encodes the drawn image so far (a pixel-based png) and predicts the next stroke — greater spatial understanding ..- random generation

Performance parameters modify how the UI of the application:

  • computer stroke display (the computer can simulate a slow stroke movement like a human hand or display its output all at once or withhold its output until the end of the session)
  • undo option
  • user color choice option

Pen Textures

Textures can be loaded in by placing textures in a 'textures' folder named 'brush#.jpg' where # is 0,1,2,3 etc.