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= addicted to twitter
... a sweet little diddy that helps you twitter your life away
== Install
sudo gem install twitter will work just fine. For command line use, you'll need a few other gems: sudo gem install main highline activerecord sqlite3-ruby
== Examples'your email', 'your password').update('watching veronica mars')
# or you can use post'your email', 'your password').post('post works too')
puts "Public Timeline", "=" * 50'your email', 'your password').timeline(:public).each do |s|
puts s.text,
puts '', "Friends Timeline", "=" * 50'your email', 'your password').timeline.each do |s|
puts s.text,
puts '', "Friends", "=" * 50'your email', 'your password').friends.each do |u|
puts, u.status.text
puts '', "Followers", "=" * 50'your email', 'your password').followers.each do |u|
puts, u.status.text
== Search Examples'httparty').each { |r| puts r.inspect }'httparty').from('jnunemaker').each { |r| puts r.inspect }'jnunemaker').to('oaknd1').each { |r| puts r.inspect }
== Command Line Use
Note: If you want to use twitter from the command line be sure that sqlite3 and the sqlite3-ruby gem are installed. I removed the sqlite3-ruby gem as a dependency because you shouldn't need that to just use the API wrapper. Eventually I'll move the CLI interface into another gem.
$ twitter
Will give you a list of all the commands. You can get the help for each command by running twitter [command] -h.
The first thing you'll want to do is install the database so your account(s) can be stored.
$ twitter install
You can always uninstall twitter like this:
$ twitter uninstall
Once the twitter database is installed and migrated, you can add accounts like this:
$ twitter add
Add New Account:
Username: jnunemaker
Password (won't be displayed):
Account added.
You can also list all the accounts you've added.
$ twitter list
Account List
* jnunemaker
The * means denotes the account that will be used when posting, befriending, defriending, following, leaving or viewing a timeline.
To post using the account marked with the *, simply type the following:
$ twitter post "releasing my new twitter gem"
That is about it. You can do pretty much anything that you can do with twitter from the command line interface.