Aviation weather and traffic receiver based on RTL-SDR.
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Use with Raspberry Pi 3.

Raspberry Pi 2 with the Edimax EW-7811Un Wi-Fi dongle is supported but not recommended for new builds.

Tested and works well with most common R820T and R820T2 RTL-SDR devices.

Tested with and preliminary support added for uAvionix pingEFB dual-link ADS-B receiver.

Apps with stratux recognition/support:

  • Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB 2.1.1+.
  • AvNav EFB 2.0.0+.
  • Naviator.
  • WingX Pro7 8.6.2+
  • FltPlan Go.
  • AerovieReports.
  • AvPlan EFB.
  • iFly GPS 9.4+.
  • DroidEFB 2.1.1+.

Tested weather/traffic displays:

  • ForeFlight 7+ - weather, traffic. AHRS not functional.
  • Avare

Questions? See the FAQ



Jet tests (high gain antennas):

  • Dassault Falcon 20
  • Embraer ERJ 145
  • Cessna Citation 501
  • Lear 35