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easy setup to get a tunnel SSH to open your dev environement to the world.
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Web tunnel on dotCloud

If you ever need to share you local web server to the world, here is an easy way to do that using dotCloud.

There are three steps:

  1. Create the dotCloud application
  2. Open an SSH tunnel to the dotCloud server
  3. Access your local web server using the dotCloud URL

Create the dotCloud application

dotcloud create webtunnel

dotcloud push webtunnel

To open a tunnel

You need to open an SSH tunnel on the machine your local webserver is running to the dotCloud server.

First determine your $HOST and $PORT by looking at the ssh url by doing dotcloud info webtunnel.proxy | grep "ssh://". It is formatted as ssh://dotcloud@$HOST:$PORT.

In the command below, replace localhost:8080 to point to your webserver. If you don't have any just run python -m SimpleHTTPServer to get one running on port 8080. Do not change port 8042.

ssh -i ~/.dotcloud/dotcloud.key -p $PORT dotcloud@$HOST -R 8042:localhost:8080

Access your application

Your local web server should now be accessible at the URL given after deploying the dotCloud application.

This Fork

This fork is maintained by the folks at AutoRef

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