Cordova file chooser plugin.
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File chooser plugin for Cordova.

Install with Cordova CLI:

$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-chooser

Supported Platforms:

  • Android

  • iOS


 * Displays native prompt for user to select a file.
 * @param accept Optional MIME type filter (e.g. 'image/gif,video/*').
 * @returns Promise containing selected file's raw binary data,
 * base64-encoded data: URI, MIME type, display name, and original URI.
 * If user cancels, promise will be resolved as undefined.
 * If error occurs, promise will be rejected.
chooser.getFile(accept?: string) : Promise<undefined|{
	data: Uint8Array;
	dataURI: string;
	mediaType: string;
	name: string;
	uri: string;

Example Usage

(async () => {
	const file = await chooser.getFile();
	console.log(file ? : 'canceled');

Platform-Specific Notes

The following must be added to config.xml to prevent crashing when selecting large files on Android:

<platform name="android">
		<application android:largeHeap="true" />