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By Andrew De Ponte (a.k.a. cyphactor)

Archaic is a simple Rails front-end application combined with a Cinch based IRC Bot that is designed to assist in archiving and analyzing a chat history. The Rails web interface simply provides views for viewing and analyzing the chats that the IRC Bot records.

Getting Started

Install Dependencies & Migrating Database

First things first you of course have to install all of the dependencies using bundler. This can be done with the following command at the root of the project:

bundle install

Once all the dependencies have successfully been installed you then need to make sure that the database schema is up to date. This is done by running the following:

rake db:migrate

Configuring Archaic

To configure Archaic you need to create a configuration file called ArchaicConfig.rb in the projects config folder. This file is ignored by the git repository and is not intended to be tracked. It is specifically here for you to have your own personal Archaic configurations in. The config/ArchaicConfig.rb file should look something like the following:

require 'archaic_config'

Archaic.config do |c|
  c.irc_nick = "dev_arch_bot"
  c.irc_server = ""
  c.irc_channels = ["#archaic_dev"]
  c.ticket_url = ""

  c.brew_url = ''
  c.brew_regex = /<div class="brew-name">(.*?)<\/div>/
  c.brews_to_hide = [/guest beers:/, /\*Check out our bottle list/]

Please replace the values for each of the configuration options shown above with the values that are appropriate for you. The above are simply the default values that are used in the case where you neglet to provide a config/ArchaicConfig.rb file.

Launching/Monitoring the Archaic IRC Bot Daemon

Once you have installed all the dependencies, migrated the database, and configured Archaic you are ready to run launch and monitor the Archaic IRC Bot Daemon.

Currently Archaic is split into two main components the front-end Rails application portion of things and the backend IRC Bot portion. The IRC Bot portion is a daemon process that is managed by god. Therefore, you can kick it off and god's monitoring of it by doing the following:

god -c config/archaic.god

The above should startup god if its not running and god should then startup and start monitoring the archaic irc bot. You can see the status of things with respect to god by running the following:

god status

If you are interesting in seeing what god is doing with respect to the archaic irc bot you can run the following:

god log archaic-irc-bot

Running the Rails App Front-end

The Rails application portion should be run as any other rails application would be. In development it is as simple as the following:

rails server

Runtime Dependencies

  • rails-3.0.3
  • sqlite3-ruby
  • cinch
  • daemons
  • god

Included Bot Plugins


Simply send 'tbc' to the chat to have Archaic return a list of brews currently offered by The TBC.

Quote Grabber

The Quote grabber allows you to 'grab' the last thing said by a particular user and store it to a personal list of quotes. Once you've grabbed a quote, you can retrieve that quote at any time. Commands related to the use of Quote Grabber are below:

quotegrab grab nick Grab the last statement made by nick

quotegrab list [nick] Without passing a nick, this will provide a list of all grabs performed by the user. Given a nick, it'll limit the list to only those grabs performed on nick

qoutegrab fetch user index Fetches the quote by user at index index is either an integer, (obtainable by calling quotegrab list nick), or the word 'random', which will select a random quote by that user.

quotegrab delete index [user] Deletes the quote at index either from that user's 'universal' list, or, if the optional user argument is provided, from the list of quotes made by the referenced user.