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Added docs about clear when matched feature.

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In the case where it can't find *rbenv* it simply tries to run Guard assuming it is installed as a system gem.
+## Clear Output when Matched String Found
+The user must create a json file called `Guard.sublime-settings` in the user
+config directory `Packages/User/`. This file has the following format:
+ "clear_when_find_this_text": "Running: .*_spec.rb"
+Some suggested matches are as follows:
+* `Running: .*_spec.rb`
+* `Running: .*_spec.rb|Failures:`
+* `Running: .*_spec.rb|Failures:|Reloading Spork for RSpec`
+If you do NOT want to use this feature simply do not define the `clear_when_find_this_text` setting.
## FAQs
#### Does the Guard process die/exit when Sublime Text 2 dies/exits?

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