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Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. Fixed issue where begin dots running didn't match.

    There were a couple cases I ran into in the wild since my dev team
    changed our RSpec configuration a bit that caused the dots running
    portion of the RSpec output to not match anymore. This fixes it so that
    it is now matched and still matches the old pattern.
  2. Resolved syntax error identified in issue #27.

    The big issue with issue #27 is that it wasn't identifying the end of
    the running tests block. So, I added the keyword 'Done' to the ending
    regex to make sure the next test is colored correctly. I also added
    'backtrace' as an ending identifier to prevent backtraces at that level
    from being colored. This resolves issue #27.
  3. Added example case for issue #30.

    I did this so that I can easily test against issue #31 and resolve the
    issue. It looks like there is no need to fix anything though because
    issue #30 seems to be a dupe of issues #31.
  4. Added example cases for issue #31.

    I did this so that I can easily manually test against this case and
    resolve the issue.
  5. Added example case for issue #43.

    I did this just so we have an example to manually test against issue #43
    even though I am pretty sure it looks like it is a dupe of issue #29.
  6. Added some dev tools to help Theme development.

    Added a script to push the source tree's theme and language files to
    TextMate as well as a script to pull the theme and language files out of
    TextMate into the source tree to ease the development process of the
    output coloring and language identifying the language objects. I also
    provided an example output file to use for developing the theme in
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