Closing a project instead of Sublime Text 2 itself should kill guard #35

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docwhat commented Mar 30, 2012

When I close a project window (e.g. subl ~/projects/myproject) I expected guard to quit -- I no longer have any windows or file browsers open for the related directories.

What happens instead is it continues to run until I manually use "Guard: Stop Guard" or quit ST2.



Currently the way it works is that it monitors Sublime Text 2 itself and when that process exits then it kills the Guard stuff. I had to implement it this way because the Sublime Text 2 plugin architecture/api doesn't support notifying a plugin about closing windows or anything. I talked with the Sublime Text 2 dev and he was the one who suggested just monitoring the Sublime Text 2 process and when that goes away make Guard go away.

If you have other ideas I would be more than open to them. Anything we can do to make the user experience better.

docwhat commented Mar 30, 2012

I do not have any better ideas, but I'd sure like this feature. :-)

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