Add preference to start/pause/stop Guard via POSIX signals #62

shanesveller opened this Issue Dec 24, 2012 · 1 comment

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For reference:

The new pry-based interface for guard is making my guard panel within ST2 chaotic and sometimes unreliable. If I add interactor :off to my Guardfile, and the sublime_guard plugin supported this mechanism, I could manage some guard functionality using POSIX signals instead of STDIN.

Via terminal:

# Pause watching:
$ kill -USR1 <guard_pid>

# Resume watching:
$ kill -USR2 <guard_pid>

# Stop watching:
$ kill <guard_pid>

Would require that ST2 be keeping track of Guard's PID somehow, and be able to emit those POSIX signals via the kill command or another mechanism.

Will try to research further to see if this is something I could create a pull request for, just wanted to jot down these thoughts before my laptop battery dies.


I no longer use Sublime Text, closing.

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