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Default keymap "super+shift+c" for "show_guard" conflicts with all Color Picker plugins #64

jamesandres opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Both the and plugins use "super+shift+c" to display the color picker.

As "super+shift+c" was the default keybinding for the color picker in TextMate IHMO Guard should be the one to budge on this conflict. But I'll leave that up to you guys :-)

Great plugin by the way. I'm finding it super useful!


Hey, if not mistaken you can override one of them in your shortcuts settings by adding, i.e.:
{ "keys": ["super+shift+c"], "command": "show_guard" }

hope this help you ;)


Thanks for the reply @Verhaeg. Yep, I know I can override it. Just thought I would mention the conflict as Guard + Color Picker is probably a common combination and perhaps this is a frequent annoyance.

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