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Configurable new buffer based log of the output. #7

cyphactor opened this Issue Jan 25, 2012 · 1 comment

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@cyoungberg suggested that it would be nice to have a new buffer based log of the output would be very useful in the case where you are not in the middle of BDD/TDD ing a particular feature and you pull in changes from someone and find that a bunch of failures come up.

It would also potentially allow the plugin to have links to the files as the search plugin does when it outputs the search results. That way you could just jump to the file and line in the traceback provided in each test.

This would of course have to be configurable as it would be a personal preference as to which output method you would prefer the pane/new buffer.


After thinking about this and the use case for it a little bit more. I think it is actually most appropriate that this really just be another command that can be run via the plugin, maybe "Run all Tests Output New File" or something (some better name hopefully).

Anyways, this would make the end user not have to choose between one or the other and would allow them to get the output as a file for all tests when they feel they need it.

Maybe I just make it so the normal "Run all Tests" command outputs to both the new buffer and the pane and there is no need too add a new command.

Thoughts @cyoungberg?

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