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Find a New Lead Maintainer #71

cyphactor opened this Issue · 13 comments

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Sadly, I have been neglecting the maintenance of this project. This is a side effect of that fact that I am no longer using Sublime Text 2/3 as my primary editor. Therefore, I am no longer "Eating My Own Dog Food" with respect to using this plugin and in turn finding it very difficult to allocate time to work on it.

I would love to see this project continue to evolve. Therofore, I am calling out requesting that anyone interested in becoming the primary maintainer of this project reach out to me via this issue.

I would be happy to stay involved and provide guidance where I can.

@cyphactor cyphactor was assigned

This is a call out to all the contributors to see if you any of you would be interested in taking over as lead maintainer of sublime_guard.

The list I grabbed quickly for contributors was as follows: @ffmike, @hayd ,@Verhaeg, @aquator, @whitequark, @brandonblack, @diogomafra, @chrislerum, @BoGs, @lidanh.

This is open to anyone not just contributors however I would like to give contributors first go at it if any are interested.


Hey there, I'm sorry but right now I also can't take part on contribute to this project =/ at least not as a maintainer, but I will try to keep up to date with it's development..
Really hope to see this going further ;)


I used to use guard, but don't right now. I'll consider taking over maintenance if I begin to use it again.


Hey all, this is me opening up the maintainer possibilites to the public as I am figuring all the contributing that were interested enough and already commented and declined for the moment.

Therefore, anyone that is interested please comment here so we can get things setup and transferred over. It sounds like @aquator is definitely planning on still contributing at least a version for Sublime Text 3 so you wouldn't be alone.

Anyways, let me know if anyone is interested.


Out of interest, what are people using if not Guard?


I use RubyTest, it doesn't work the same as Guard (doesn't run tests on save) but it allows you to run entire files, or specific test lines while viewing the file. It also has some other functionality that makes it valuable in my opinion.


I feel we have waited long enough for contributors. It is now open to anyone interested in taking over this project as the lead maintainer. So, if you are interested don't hesitate. Just drop a reply in this ticket and we can start conversations.


Hi, i'm interested in helping. I never build any sublime extensions but i'm pretty sure it should be easy to learn.


@tbueno that is great. Do you know Python?


@tbueno Same here. I used to be primarily a Python developer, but over the last 5 years or so I have focused primarily on Ruby.

Yeah, I really don't have time to take care of it. I would love it if you would start taking care of it ASAP.

This is where I started

Beyond that, I just looking at the plugins that come with Sublime Text 2.

I would start by looking into those and feel free to ask me any questions about code I will try and provide as much guidance as I can.

Also, I would update the README to remove the notice about finding a new maintainer as you are it. Also, you should probable close this issue as we no longer have this as an open task.

I have added you as a collaborator so you should now have pull and push privs to the repository.

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