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Where did the name Usurper come from?
Well, as many of you may know. This applet was mainly developed out of
my frustration of not being able to memorize data which I do not use on
a regular basis. Given that a large number of classes I was taking in
college, at the time of writing, required that I memorize data that I in
no way shape or form used on a regular basis I decided that I would
create this applet to assist. In fact the one professor, who's first
name was Rex tended to give tests which required this memorization of
useless data. Hence, I basically created this applet to assist in owning
Rex's classes. Some of you may know that Rex is Latin for King. Hence,
the name Usurper was presented by a friend and roommate as an
appropriate name since I was basically providing something to assist in
the act of overcoming the king (Rex), :).

Build Requirements (Debian Packages Listed)
-- beyond that the standard packages for software development

Build Process
$ make

Install Process (Debian Only!!!!)
# make install

Before Use Setup
$ mkdir -p ~/.usurper/card_sets

Use It
Right-click on your gnome tool bar and select "Add to Panel". Search for
"CyphMemAid Applet" and select it. Then click the add button. You should
see it appear in your gnome. Close the gnome "Add to Panel" window. Then
left click on CyphMemAid applet in the tool bar, a preferences window
should popup. In which you can adjust the quizing interval, number of
cards to quiz per interval, the card set you want to be quized, the card
set you want to edit (currently not functional), and allows you to
specify a name for a new card set (which should contain NO spaces, use
underscores). Note: Quizing will begin as soon as you either click the X
in the upper right hand corner of the preferences window or as soon as
you left click on the CyphMemAid applet while the preferencs window is
open (this will close the preferences window). Also, note that currently
it reads the available card sets at start up. So after you create a card
set, if you would like to be tested on it you need to remove the applet
from your gnome panel and add it again.