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LaunchAgents Add Things backup script + launchd job
LaunchBar/Actions LaunchBar: More actions
MacOSX Restart the dotfiles repo
bin Update script to latest version
config Add config/git/ignore
example Restart the dotfiles repo
git-hooks Add git hook to prevent checkins that still have merge markers
postgresql PostgreSQL: Add tuned settings
rails-templates Isolated Rails template, nicked from @godfoca:…
thor-tasks Use git-up, if it's available
vim Vim: Update plugins
zsh/functions Suppress noise from ls and rake when generating rake autocompletion
.gitignore Ignore emacs.d/elpa dir
.gitmodules Vim: Add vim-rspec plugin
Brewfile Add a Brewfile
CFUserTextEncoding Fix for the ancient UTF-8 bug in QuickLook (
LICENSE Rename LICENCE and LICENSE Correctly write (spell?) mislav's name
Rakefile Vim plugin is no longer bundled in Rust's repo
ackrc Ack: Ignore generated Jekyll site directory
agignore Ag: Ignore tmp
aprc Update Awesome Print config
bash_profile Replace rvm with rbenv
bashrc Set history size to unlimited
editrc Add editrc file
emacs Emacs: Start over in Evil mode
gemrc Ruby: Update gemrc to never install docs
gitattributes Git: Remove references to old merge drivers (thanks @soulcutter)
gitconfig Git: Add/update aliases with --intent-to-add
gitignore Git: Don't ignore 'Makefile' files
gvimrc Vim: Gvim: Use bright colorscheme
hgrc Add Kaleidoscope as difftool to Mercurial
inputrc Don't use vi editing mode
irbrc Fix loading project-specific railsrc
jrubyrc Add .jrubyrc
jshint Vim: Syntastic: Use jshint
juliarc.jl Add .juliarc.jl
npmrc Add .npmrc
nvimrc Add NeoVim config file
powconfig Update powconfig
profile Bash: Enable CLI colors
pryrc Pry: Set editor
pryrc.rb Add .pryrc.rb
psqlrc psqlrc: Add query to see vacuum related stats for tables
railsrc Railsrc/method_missing hack was causing too much problems for me
rdebugrc Restart the dotfiles repo
riplrc Add .riplrc
rp5rc Add ruby-processing dotfile
screenrc Restart the dotfiles repo
tmux.conf Tmux: tweak config
vimrc Vim: Go files should be indented with 4 spaces
zprofile Zsh: PATH shouldn't contains paths with slashes at the end
zshenv Use 'type' instead of 'which'
zshlogin Restart the dotfiles repo
zshrc Zsh: Ruby: Add alias for easier 'bundle exec'

My Dotfiles

These are my dotfiles. There are many like them, but these are mine.


Run rake to symlink all the files and folders into their proper places.

A Note about Vim

You're of course welcome to use/copy any of the config stuff from my vimrc, but if you're new to vim, I would suggest you start with Mislav Marohnić's Vim Setup.

My Vim config is highly customized to my needs, and probably not well suited to a beginner

A Note about the License & Copyright:

Unless attributed otherwise, everything is under the MIT licence (see LICENCE for more info).

Some stuff is not from me, and without attribution, and I no longer remember where I got it from. I apologize for that.

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