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git clean -f -x -d
git checkout $1
rm -fr /usr/local/stow/git-$1
make prefix=/usr/local/stow/git-$1 -j3 install
git checkout origin/man
rsync -av man1/ /usr/local/stow/git-$1/share/man/man1/
rsync -av man5/ /usr/local/stow/git-$1/share/man/man5/
rsync -av man7/ /usr/local/stow/git-$1/share/man/man7/
git clean -f -x -d
git checkout master
chown -R johnw .
git reset --hard HEAD
git merge origin/master
cd /usr/local/stow
stow -D git-*
stow git-$1
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