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@sinatra @viennajs @vienna-rb
Michael Kohl citizen428

Oozou Bangkok, Thailand

Phil Dennis-Jordan pmj

Self Employed Austria (mostly)

David Brady dbrady

Shiny Systems, LLC Saratoga Springs, Utah

::1 localhost

freelance coder & amateur composer /|\ enjoys free software as well as the web & its open standards; free beer may be tasty, but free speech is more delicious.

John Mair banister

I created Pry, binding_of_caller, method_source, debug_inspector, and so on

General Assembly The Hague, Netherlands

S. Brent Faulkner sbfaulkner

Shopify Caledon, ON CANADA

Avdi Grimm avdi

ShipRise Pennsylvania, USA

Nickolas Means nmeans

Helium Syndicate Austin, TX

Martin Kühl mkhl

innoQ Deutschland GmbH Germany

Pat Nakajima nakajima

You're lookin' at it.

San Francisco

Nicolás Sanguinetti foca

World wanderer. All code is :poop:, deal with it.


Ben Bleything bleything

The Puget Sound Convergence Zone's leading expert on Clown Computering

Seattle, Washington

Christian Neukirchen chneukirchen Munich, Germany

Dr Nic Williams drnic

Stark & Wayne LLC Palo Alto, CA, USA

Simon Rozet sr

Salesforce Berlin, Germany

Evan Phoenix evanphx

Vektra Los Angeles, CA

PJ Hyett pjhyett

GitHub, Inc. San Francisco

Chris Wanstrath defunkt


@github San Francisco