An (unofficial) attempt of localizing Stack Exchange sites into Japanese, with a focus on the Japanese Language and Usage site.
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An unofficial attempt of localizing Stack Exchange sites into Japanese, 
with a focus on the Japanese Language and Usage site. 

For more information, please see:

Licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal license in the hope 
that either the script itself or the translations themselves can later be 
used for internationalizing the JLU site or other Stack Exchange sites 
into Japanese (

Supported browsers:

Currently testing it only on Chromium and Firefox with Greasemonkey, 
but I intend to support other browsers later.

What's currently translated:

* Most of the tag names on the JLU website (about 4/6 pages, 
  the detailed descriptions aren't translated).

* A majority of the badge names and descriptions.

* Most of the tabs, UI elements etc on the main page, questions page, 
  tags page, users page and unanswered page.

* The Stack Exchange dropdown's tabs, e-mail settings, the inbox and 
  notifications tabs, and most of the site names have been localized, 
  but the descriptions of the sites haven't.

* I've only translated some of the notification messages in the 
  notifications tab as I can only localize them when I see them.
* The "user reputation changes" changes popup at the top has been done.

* I've translated some of the WMD editor's tooltips and redirected to 
  a brief editing guide in Japanese for now (the "mini JavaScript help" 
  and "detailed help" haven't been translated).

* The user profile pages and the tabs in them are mostly localized.

* The "close" dialog has mostly been done, but the "flag" dialog hasn't.
  The messages on the closed questions, e.g. "closed as not a real 
  question by xxx" need to be done.

* Some parts of the "community moderator tools" have been localized, but 
  the "review" page hasn't been yet. 

* A lot of the unregistered user messages, like "Please make sure you 
  answer the question" and hints to the right of the question screens 
  "We prefer questions that can be answered..." and "How to Format" etc
  need to be done.

* The names of the privileges have been done, but I don't intend to 
  translate the about page, FAQ or the rest of the privileges page
  for now. There are separate efforts to write Japanese documentation at