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Slack Notification for ownCloud

Provides notifications via Slack concerning file activity.


Git master: GitHub


Note, this app depends on the activity app being installed and enabled on your ownCloud installaton. It makes use of the Stream hooks in order to receive notifications. This was done to simplify the code.

You will also need the one-liner fix to the activity app from this commit, or you can simply use that repo instead of the ownCloud one.

Next, go to the Slack API page and create a new App. You will need the Client ID and Client Secret for the next step.

Once you've enabled slacknotify in your ownCloud installation, go to the Admin page (you will need to be logged in as an admin for this setup). Find the Slack Integration section and enter your Client ID and Client Secret. These are used to OAuth each user for Slack access.

At this point, you can also name the Bot that your notifications come from (this applies for all users). You can also specify a URL for a custom icon for the Bot.

Now that it's been enabled, each user will see a "Slack Integration" section in their Personal page. They can choose to auth the App to send them notifications.

To control which notifications are sent, select or unselect items in the Activity app (Personal page as well) under the Stream column.

Credits, License and Copyright

Author: Ben Collins

License: AGPL

Copyright: 2015 by Cyphre, LLC