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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Abstract Syntatic Tree
.. autoclass:: ASTNode
.. autoclass:: AndASTNode
.. autoclass:: OrASTNode
Q Object
.. autoclass:: Q
from sqlalchemy import or_, and_, not_
from sqla_helpers.process import process_params
class ASTNode(object):
A tree's node represent a logic Sqlalchemy operator.
Contains 2 child tree of a set of criterion.
Handled criterions are describe in :mod:`sqla_helpers`.
>>> ast = AndASTNode(id=4, status__name='foo')
Criterions 'll be interpreted by the `process_param` function
during processing of subtree by `__call__` function.
>>> ast(MyClass, [])
<sqlalchemy.sql.expression.BinaryExpression object at 0x1f04090>
If a node contains criterions, the node is a leave. (meaning the :attr:`ASTNode.operand`
attribute is not `None`.)
If node contains children, a recursive processing of children subtree is done.
`ASTNode.operator` metod is excecuted during the return of `process_param`
or during the recursive return of children.
:class: `ASTNode` is an abstract class which doesn't implement :method: ASTNode.operator`.
def operator(self, *args, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError()
def __init__(self, lhs=None, rhs=None, **operand):
self.lhs = lhs
self.rhs = rhs
self.operand = operand
def __call__(self, klass, class_found):
Process and interprets every node.
# Si l'on a des paramètres bruts, c'est que l'on est une feuille de
# l'arbre
# On retourne alors le process des paramètres
if self.operand:
clauses = process_params(klass, class_found, **self.operand)
# Sinon, nous avons des enfants et l'on retourne l'opération que l'on
# représente sur le retour des enfants.
clauses = []
if self.lhs:
clauses.append(self.lhs(klass, class_found))
if self.rhs:
clauses.append(self.rhs(klass, class_found))
return self.operator(*clauses)
class OrASTNode(ASTNode):
def operator(self, *args):
Excecut a logical or on `SQLAlchemy` criterions.
return or_(*args)
class AndASTNode(ASTNode):
def operator(self, *args):
Excecut a logical and on `SQLAlchemy` criterions.
return and_(*args)
class NotASTNode(ASTNode):
def __init__(self, lhs=None, **operand):
super(NotASTNode, self).__init__(lhs, None, **operand)
def operator(self, *args):
Exécute un NON logique sur les critères SQLAlchemy
return not_(*args)
class Q(object):
Class representing logical operators with sqla_helpers syntax.
Q object is only here for processing the `sqla_helpers` syntax
and implements opertators such as `or`, `and`, `not` ...
During operations, the :class:`Q` object maintains an AST.
Each operation return a :class:`Q` object with an updated AST in
relation the current object and the operating object.
The :method: `__call__` from :class:`Q` call the :method:`__call__`
from AST children. The return is an `SQLAlchemy` opertation usable in
a `Query` object.
def __init__(self, astnode=None, **kwargs):
if astnode:
self.ast = astnode
self.ast = AndASTNode(**kwargs)
def __call__(self, klass, class_found):
Processing and interpreting AST of current `Q` object.
return self.ast(klass, class_found)
def __or__(self, q):
return Q(OrASTNode(self.ast, q.ast))
def __and__(self, q):
return Q(AndASTNode(self.ast, q.ast))
def __invert__(self):
return Q(NotASTNode(self.ast))
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