Simple application for learning foreign language words
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=== About
Simple application for learning foreign language words

=== Installation
Installation process is quite simple (notice, that ruby could be already installed)

* install ruby from

* install rubygems from

* execute
      gem install learn_words
  to install application itself

=== Words file
To use this application you need to have a file in a special format:

* any number of lines with foreign word and it's translation separated by <tt><Tab></tt> or two or more spaces

* if there are more than one variant for foreign word, separate them by "/"

* if line starts with "#" it is ignored

    apple       яблоко
    # some comments
    city/town   город

=== Usage
Now execute
    learn_words /path/to/file/with/words
to start learning words. There are some options:

* <tt>--limit N</tt> - used for setting limit of words learning,
  you would be asked while you answer +N+ times correctly

* <tt>--part M/K</tt> - used for splitting big lists of words into parts,
  +K+ - total number of parts, +M+ - index of part to learn (1 <= +M+ <= +K+)

While learning words you can use these commands:
* <tt>exit</tt> - to quit (or <tt>^C</tt>, or <tt>^D</tt>)
* <tt>?</tt> - to get stats (how many learned, how many to learn)
* <tt>!</tt> - to mark the word as learnt (or ban it)

Copyright © 2010 Vladimir Parfinenko, released under the MIT license.