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Docker Pulls

Docker image with operating system and Cypress installed globally.

Name + Tag Base image
cypress/included:3.2.0 cypress/base:12.1.0
cypress/included:3.3.0 cypress/base:12.1.0
cypress/included:3.3.1 cypress/base:12.1.0
cypress/included:3.3.2 cypress/base:12.1.0
cypress/included:3.4.0 cypress/browsers:node12.6.0-chrome75
cypress/included:3.4.1 cypress/browsers:node12.6.0-chrome75

This image should be enough to run Cypress tests headlessly or in the interactive mode with a single Docker command like this:

$ docker run -it -v $PWD:/e2e -w /e2e cypress/included:3.3.2

For more information, read Run Cypress with a single Docker command and End-to-End Testing Web Apps: The Painless Way

Building and testing

To build a new image, clone an existing folder, update version strings and build the Docker image locally. Then test it by creating a new project and running headless tests. For example:

cd /tmp
mkdir test
cd test
npm init --yes
npm i -D cypress
npx @bahmutov/cly init
rm -rf package-lock.json package.json node_modules
docker run -it -v $PWD:/e2e -w /e2e cypress/included:3.3.2

Tip: the above commands are in the file

The tests should finish successfully using local image. Now push the image to the Docker hub

docker push cypress/included:3.3.2
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