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# do not run for testing new Linux builds
message: /Testing new linux/
# Test against the latest version of this Node.js version
nodejs_version: "10"
# Install scripts. (runs after repo cloning)
- ps: Install-Product node $env:nodejs_version
# Output useful info for debugging.
# we should be using NPM v6+
- node --version
- npm --version
- npm i -g @cypress/commit-message-install @bahmutov/print-env
- print-env APPVEYOR
- commit-message-install --else "npm ci"
# cache NPM packages and Cypress binary
# and invalidate the cache when package.json file changes
- '%AppData%\npm -> package.json'
- '%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Cypress\Cache -> package.json'
# Post-install test scripts.
- npm run lint
# only run if there is commit message
# with new version
- run-if npm run cy:version
- run-if npm run cy:verify
- run-if npm run cy:info
- run-if npm run cy:cache:list
# only enable once this is fixed
# fixed in
# - run-if npm run test:ci:record:windows:firefox
# uses default Electron browser
- run-if npm run test:ci:record:windows
- run-if npm run test:ci:record:windows:chrome
- run-if npm run test:ci:record:windows:edge
# Don't actually build.
build: off
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